Old Bridge

This may not look like much but I came across this old bridge during a walk.  It reminded me of how time passes us by so fast. I can only hope to age as well as this old bridge has and perhaps not be forgotten as time ages me.oldbridge


The Roses

A delightful scent

The aroma fills the air

Dancing like little faires

Playing with your hair.

The roses bloom with

Such poise and grace

Swaying like women

In their finest lace.

The delicate petals

Never fail to impress

The lover who bestows upon it

The most gentle caress.

The roses beauty

Radiates a raw desire

A love filled with passion

And overcome with fire.

Picture_20160801_193349635Written by: Jessica Lynn Dedicated to anyone who has a love for roses. Dedicated to anyone who has a love. These are my feelings when casting my gaze upon a rose.

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