Perseverance Of Freedom

Freedom defined is the power to act, speak, and think with out restraint. (

They say I have freedom
The right to make a choice
And that I can express thoughts
With my own voice.

So why stand around
And have this great fear
That I am slowly watching
My freedom disappear?

Therefore, I will speak my mind,
Into the corner I will not shrink
and let someone else try to govern
What I think!

I will stay strong
I will not be consumed by grief
I will not let anyone
Desecrate my beliefs!

I will not let
the lives lost be in vain
For my freedom
Many were slain!

I am an American
Freedom is my right
and until the very end
For this I will fight!!

This poem is dedicated to the soldiers of the past, present, and future who have, is and will continue fighting for the freedom I so love and enjoy!! Thanks to you and may God Bless You!! Stay Safe.

Written by: Jessica Lynn

Speak Out

The Roses

A delightful scent

The aroma fills the air

Dancing like little faires

Playing with your hair.

The roses bloom with

Such poise and grace

Swaying like women

In their finest lace.

The delicate petals

Never fail to impress

The lover who bestows upon it

The most gentle caress.

The roses beauty

Radiates a raw desire

A love filled with passion

And overcome with fire.

Picture_20160801_193349635Written by: Jessica Lynn Dedicated to anyone who has a love for roses. Dedicated to anyone who has a love. These are my feelings when casting my gaze upon a rose.

Hear With Intention

Hear With Intention

Surrounded by people yet
I am all alone.
Nobody listens even when
My feelings are made known.

Whether I whisper or shout
None choose to hear,
Yet the are clueless
When I shed a tear.

What is wrong?
They dare to ask.
Nothing is the reply
As I don a neutral mask.

The thoughts that
Once were expressed
Will lie unspoken
Better off left suppressed.

For it has been proven
My thoughts not worth mention
Because no one is
Truly Hearing With Intention.

Written by: Jessica Lynn

Dedication: I realize this poem is not one of my best but I recently read a message that made me stop and think… This person stated that she felt as if she could not talk to anybody because nobody would listen to her. I know that I too have felt this way on many occasions. I also know that neither her or I are the only ones who have felt this feeling. It is one of the loneliest feelings. To know you are surrounded by people and that they hear you but are not hearing you with intentions to understand . They are not truly listening to you. Eventually we give up. What point is there in expressing our emotions or interests if someone truly is not going to listen? We think it is just as well to keep everything bottled up. My advice for this is Never Give up. Your feelings matter and your life matters. Maybe the people who truly do love you just get a little wrapped up in day to day circumstances and you need to call them out. If they truly love you then they are there for you 100 percent. The ones who you cannot call out, are they truly worth your attention? Will they ever truly hear with intention and value your opinions, thoughts, and emotions? Step back and reevaluate… Know where you are loved and who loves you and that at any given time that you think nobody is listening just look up to the sky…..


I have been writing since I was a teenager. Mostly poetry and my opinions or ideas on topics, however this is my first time blogging.  I am unsure where to begin with this or even where I want to take it. I imagine I will share my poetry, opinions, and perhaps random thoughts that run through my mind. I suppose though that perhaps I should introduce myself.  First thing first though, I will apologize in advance. My grammar/spelling may not be perfect. I sometimes catch myself using phrases and slang that is famous here in Kentucky and lets be honest spell check does not catch every misspelled word or typo. Don’t get me started on my inability to place proper punctuation either!  Now on to the introduction.

My name is Jessica (Jess). I am a 37 yr old mother, nurse, author, and photographer. No, my photography and writing pieces are not famous or even recognized on many sites but they are my pieces and I am proud of them. I have always dreamed of them reaching many people, which is why I have 3 facebook pages. My regular one. The Artistic Soul, for poetry and writings and then Artistic Soul Photography, the name self explanatory.  There is also twitter, snapchat, instagram, scriggler, and spillwords.

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. A 16 yr old, 14 yr old, and a set of twins that are soon to be 7. I was married for 18yrs to their father, which is a whole different topic that I may blog about some time. My children are my reason for living.

I started out as a CNA ( Certified Nursing Assistant) what seems like many moons ago. Decided to go back to school and became a LPN in 2007.  Altogether I have been in healthcare roughly 17 to 18 years.  I began in geriatrics and a few years ago thought I wanted a change. I felt like I was experiencing ” Burn Out”, however after trying a couple other nursing fields I found myself back in geriatrics. Geriatrics is a challenge but my calling.

Anyway, there you go! There are a few boring details of who I am and what I do. Before I go though, I want to leave you with my favorite quote:

“To be nobody but yourself in a world
which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.”

E.E. Cummings


Have a blessed day!!

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